An Arch Based Distribution

Crystal Linux Is a Brand New Arch Linux Based Distribution. Friendly, Powerful and Easy to Use.


Onyx built-in

Install Crystal with its in-house desktop experience, a custom GNOME session with a familiar layout. Or choose your favourite!

demo of the onyx desktop environment


Automatic Backups

Backup and Restore your system. Easily boot into Btrfs snapshots.

a screenshot showing timeshift, a graphical snapshot tool. 5 snapshots are shown in the window.

Rusty Quartz?


Amethyst is a fast, efficient and lightweight AUR helper and Pacman wrapper. Made for Crystal, compatible with any Arch-based Linux distribution.

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> ame install neovim-git

All packages found


Do you want to install these packages and package dependencies? yes

Downloading sources

neovim-git: Downloaded!

All sources are ready.

Select packages to review: No selections

Do you still want to install those packages? yes

Installing 1 package

Building packages

neovim-git: Built!

Built 1 package

Installing packages

doas (marsh@town) password:

loading packages...

resolving dependencies...

looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (1) neovim-git-0.7.0.r1848.g622968d7b3-1

Total Installed Size: 34.36 MiB

Net Upgrade Size: 0.19 MiB