Getting Started

Amethyst is a fast, efficient and lightweight AUR helper and Pacman wrapper. Made for Crystal, compatible with any Arch-based Linux distribution.

Amethyst demo


Crystal Linux

Amethyst is installed on Crystal Linux automatically

Non-Crystal Distros

  1. sudo pacman -S --needed base-devel pacman-contrib cargo
  2. git clone
  3. cd ame && makepkg -si

It is also in the AUR as ame.


Amethyst supports subcommands and Pacman-style flags. Read Detailed Usage for more.


You can configure Amethyst using the ~/.config/ame/config.toml file, which is automatically created. Each key is explained in Config Keys.

# ~/.config/ame/config.toml

pacdiff_warn = true
paccache_keep = 0
paccache_keep_ins_pkgs = true

sudo = 'sudo'