Getting Started With Malachite

Baby's first Malachite repository!

What you need to know

Malachite is:

  • A pacman repository manager
  • A workspace manager
  • Awesome

Malachite isn't:

  • The end-all solution for all pacman repositories
  • Perfect

With that out of the way

Hi! My name is Michal, and I wrote this tool pretty much on my own for Crystal Linux; but it is not at all exclusive to Crystal. This tool should and will work on and for any pacman-based distribution (so long as it packages all of Malachite's dependencies, of course).

Throughout this tutorial, I'll explain each little feature of Malachite in what I hope to be bite-sized and programmatic chunks.

Without further ado, let's begin with the first, most important question:


What mode are you using malachite in?

Currently, malachite supports 2 modes:

Repository Mode

  • Allows the user to configure and manage a remote (or local) pacman-based package repository
  • Allows for customisability in repository name, signing preferences, signing key etc.
  • Allows for basic levels of automation, by using features such as build_on_update

Workspace Mode

  • The most basic functionality of Malachite
  • Just clones git directories into a "Workspace" directory for easier management
  • Allows for basic pulling operations to keep your repositories up-to-date

These modes essentially dictate everything about how Malachite functions, so much so that I now need to split this page off before it gets too long!

For more info, get started with the Common Features page!