Workspace Mode

You'll never have to work(space) another day in your life!

Workspace Config

Taking an example section from the Workspace mode config,

git_info = true
colorblind = true

Currently, Workspace mode only has 2 options, both pertaining to the display of information. (mlc info)

The first key is git_info, which is a boolean value. If it is true, the git information will be displayed alongside repository information.

This information will be formatted as so: D Pl Ps <Latest Commit Hash>

The key for the values is as follows:

  • D: Whether the repository is dirty or not (unstaged changes)
  • Pl: Whether there are unpulled changes at the remote
  • Ps: Whether there are unpushed changes in your local repository

These will be typically displayed in either Green (Clean) or Red (Dirty)

However, if colorblind is set to true, the colors will instead be set to Blue (Clean) or Dark Red (Dirty), to be more discernible to colorblind users.

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