Detailed Usage

Work it harder, make it better!

Global Flags

--verbose, -vPrints lots of debug information to stderr. If something doesn't go right, sending us the output with this enabled will help greatly
--exclude, -xExcludes the supplied package from the current operation. Can be used multiple times.

Basic Commands

ActionCommandExtra Flags
Build a package/packages.mlc build <package> [all if left empty]--no-regen: Doesn't regenerate repository after build
Generate pacman repositorymlc repo-gen
Update local repos/PKGBUILDsmlc pull/update [all if left empty]--no-regen: If mode.repository.build_on_update is true, Do not regenerate repository after package rebuild
Create and/or open config filemlc conf
Initialises repo/workspace based on config in mlc.tomlmlc clone/init
Displays an info panel/overview of the current repomlc info/status
Resets Malachite repository by deleting all directories, omitting mlc.toml and .gitmlc clean/reset--force: Remove dirty directories (unstaged, untracked, etc)

Exit Codes

AppExitCode (named Enum)Exit code (i32)Error Description
RunAsRoot1Malachite was run as root. This is highly discouraged. So highly, in fact, that it will refuse to run.
PkgsNotFound2No packages were specified/found for the desired operation
DirNotEmpty3The creation of a Malachite repository was attempted in a non-empty directory
ConfigParseError4The config file could not be parsed
RepoParseError5The repository info could not be parsed
RepoNotClean6The git repository is not clean and cannot be removed without --force