Detailed Usage

Basic usage

ActionFreeBSD pkg-style aliasPacman-style flags
Install a packageame ins/installame -S
Remove a packageame rm/removeame -R/-Rs
Upgrade a packageame upg/upgradeame -Syu
Search for a packageame sea/searchame -Ss
Query the package listame qu/queryame -Q
Show a package's infoame inf/infoame -Qi
Clean the pacman cacheame cl/cleaname -Sc
Check for .pacnewame di/diffame -D

Exit codes overview

Exit Code (i32)Reason
1Running ame as UID 0 / root
2Failed creating paths
3Could not find one or more required package dependencies
4User cancelled package installation
5Pacman error when installing package
6Git error
7Makepkg error
8Failed to parse config file
63Any other misc error